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Album Sunstone (5'2")

Album Sunstone (5'2")

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The Sunstone is the foundation of Asher Pacey's quiver, a baseline twin-fin fish for everyday surf and travel. This is the purest form of a classic fish that we make, an ode to Southern California.  It has traditional fish roots that have been refined to perform and feel more alive. It has elements from our long-running UTF model, but with a new outline and a more pronounced vee off the exit, along with a little more double-concave under the back foot. Great paddler and gets up to speed right away. Ride it with keel fins or more of an upright twin template depending on where you're surfing. Size it 3-4 Liters above your performance shortboard.

5'2" x 20.5" x 2.5" (30 Liters) 

The board is made of 100% agave blank. Complete weight is estimated at 13 lbs. 

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